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Before commencing with any reparation on concrete and cement surfaces, sink, tile and asbestos roofs, always do an acid etching with Cleaner 1, and neutralize thoroughly by rinsing with plenty of water.

Ammonium Bicarbonate Test
Have all acid been neutralized? Mix a solution of ammonium bicarbonate and water and apply to treated surface. Effervescence indicates presence of acid rinse again!

Calculations - Triangles
Area ( m2) = Base x Height
Calculations - Squares
Square Area (m2) = Length x Width
Calculations - Dams
Dam / Circle floor surface = pi x radius2
(or approximately 3.1 x radius x radius)

Dam wall surface = pi x Diameter x Height
(or approximately3.1 x Diameter x Height)
Calculations - Roofs
Flat Roof Area = Length x Width
Steep Roof Area = Length x Width x 2
Corrugated Roof Area = (Length x Width x 2) + 1/3

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